Workshop session

Become you at your best with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for self fulfillment

Better communication

Exploring yourself at your best and learning to communicate your value to your team

One to one sessions

One to one – safe communication for all and delivering value for YOU

Awakened listening

Learn to listen and accept the shared, understand others better

discovery sessions

Get energizing knowledge and see the opportunities it reveals. Discover yourself!

Identity and vision LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® sessions

Focus on eye-opening understanding of yourself  and your potential!

Personal introspection is essential for finding your Self -and extremely energizing. It is not about pigeonholing you into personality types answering questionnaires and labeling ‘your type’ and destiny,  but about you being unique and exploring your possibilities when you are at your best.

During the workshop you will

  • uncover who you are at your core
  • focus on  your the best
  • uncover strength in your weak points
  •  imagine your future
  • see the opportunities to enhance your value to your organisation, team, customers
  • learn to communicate your best 
  • overcoming “I am my position” syndrom

This workshop is the turning point from being a human resource to a resourceful human -uncovering your  best, your creativity, your value to the others, your potential. Communicating your best is not easy, therefore acquiring the skill is the way to develop your personal brand. Learn how to use your unique vision and personality to move from red oceans of competitiveness to blue oceans of opportunities fulfilling your dreams.

The workshop is a hands-on facilitated session and consist of 3 parts:

  • exploring your core self
  • broadening your knowledge with unknown (Johari window)
  • building your vision of your future and exploring the ways to fulfill it in reality.

You build 3D models of LEGO® bricks answering the questions, sharing the stories and reflecting over them. You can bring your mentor/sparring partner to the session. The 4h sessions can be remote or face-to-face, with further followup support the next 3 month.

self discovery

What do people say

…understood what actually I can offer as a graduate applicant and where to start my career search. It made me confident to apply despite I have no experience in any industry…

…when you start on your own, you have to be clear whom you can help with your services. Actually, I never thought to look the direction we discovered! this opened new ways, and made me feel more happy about what I am doing…

You are more creative than you believe. Discover you at you best and fulfil your dream

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