Be inspired and learn to communicate yourself at your best.

Building your elevator pitch is essential in getting your foot in the door of opportunity and making your dreams come true. Personal introspection is very often extremely energizing for making the next steps in your career, business, or personal life.

During the workshop you will
  • explore who you are at your core and your best today – and what is important for you
  • address the customers needs and value they are looking for
  • build and improve your elevator pitch
  • explore and clearly define your unique value proposition
  • learn to re-think your customer value and discover unique business possibilities together with your customer as a team
  • learn to communicate your meaning better and develop your storytelling skills
  • learn highly effective techniques to improve your presentation skills
  • unlock your creativity and discover the magic of feedback

You will practice hands-on the essentials of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method – a facilitated thinking, communication and decision-making technique. Share your own unique story and get the feedback to enable you to add more and improve your sales pitch.



It is a good idea to participate when:

  • you are re-thinking which direction to take
  • you are looking for new opportunities within your job, career, business
  • you are a startup at any stage of your business idea
  • you are looking for funding
  • you are looking forward to meet YOUR client and preparing the meeting
  • you are to pitch your next project to possible partners and your team

Duration: 4 -6 hours

Number of participants: 4-12

Prices/per participant  include:

  • facilitation
  • use of LEGO materials
  • coffee, tea, fruit, snacks, cake
  • conference facilities use
  • 2h of follow-up online support.

If you are a group of 4-12 contact us to get a customized offer. Check for early-bird and student fees.