Experience the power of DESIGN THINKING – learn to use your creativity to solve the problems and learn to use LEGO bricks with your team.

Make one large step towards your success.

Design thinking is a highly effective way to solve problems in complex settings. Unfolding creativity into powerful collaboration, it creates value for people and organizations. New smart products, services, strategies and even scientific discoveries are all the results not of stand-alone genius, but systematic team work.

Design thinking boosted by LSP is a way to work to leverage individual creativity, once in-born and disappearing in many of us with age, acquiring assumptions of the status-quo. Unlocking creativity back is a challenge – and a must of exponential development of the day.

Design Thinking is a human-oriented process, focusing on deep insights into human needs, feelings, experiences, making your business customer-centered at core. Translating these insights and developing ideas into concepts open new business opportunities. Testing the developed prototypes quickly and at low cost save your efforts, resources and time. Testing the solution within the big business and stakeholder picture adds value to the viability and feasibility of your product, service or solution before digging into implementation and marketing.

Therefore it is an important investment into your future, your professional career , your business – the bridge translating the best of your creativity into a success story.

The course joins together the best of design thinking practice with adopted LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology– a thinking, communication and problem solving technique .LEGO-based play with 3D models adds the value of breaking assumptions and habitual thinking tracks, leveraging the power of engagement, commitment and fresh insights.

During the course you will

  • experience the design thinking process by doing
  • understand deeply how it works for the purpose
  • learn design thinking process step-by-step
  • develop your creative problem solving skills and enrich your working practices
  • learn to use your imagination, intuition and creativity for enterprise thinking purposes
  • learn to communicate effectively, give and receive feedback in a safe way
  • develop your storytelling skills as part of your leadership development
  • learn to understand, communicate and design solutions meeting your customers’ needs
  • learn to test and validate ideas quickly, at minimum cost, and within the big enterprise picture
  • learn to define challenges, develop concepts and prototypes
  • pitch your breakthrough concepts and engage your team and stakeholders into innovation process.


LSP adds supreme value of sustainability to design thinking process. Compared to the general practice, LSP brings the new level of inclusion to design, having not only the customer in the center, but re-thinking the design value within broader stakeholder horizon. The designed value is sustainable, if shared with range of stakeholders. Therefore our process does not end with testing the design against the customer feature backlog and defined challenge, but further integrate it into broader perspective, adding more value to the solutions designed.

The process we run is highly visual and is based on building 3D LEGO models to stimulate imagination, create empathy and develop story-telling skills. Unlocking the best of your team, it keeps the work process safe for the team dynamics, secures inclusion and honest collaboration , making your people feeling happy, secure, confident and loving what they are doing. Therefore learning the process is investment into human factor – your employees smiling make customers happy.

As the result

  • you learn to work with design process and innovation systematically – developing your design skills
  • learn to use your creativity to design with the customer as the starting point
  • get things done better by rethinking and re-imagining your daily work

your organization

  • your team get the understanding of the new working tool
  • your working with design and development is more effective – embed lower costs and spares your resources
  • your business gets a huge competitive advantage of innovative thinking competence at core, finds more business opportunities for growth and success.


For those looking for highly effective ways to work over new solutions/products/ services. Innovation projects or innovation leadership could be the core of your job or the source of inspiration. You work with or you are planning your future within

  • project/product management
  • business development and marketing
  • customer and user research
  • innovation and change
  • product/service design, engineering, solution architecture
  • leadership and HR management
  • startup initiatives.

No preparation or knowledge of design thinking is required, anybody can participate.


Day 1

  • design thinking as a process
  • LSP skills building
  • empathy – user experience – the case
  • value creation
  • persona and value compass
  • defining the problem
  • idea generation
  • creative problem solving

Day 2

  • prototyping and storytelling
  • prototype integration and testing
  • reflection and defining the principles
  • implementation and stakeholder engagement
  • pitching your design

Duration: 2 days, 9-16

Number of participants: 7

Price includes

  • 2 days 9-16
  • consulting and advice concerning your needs before, during and after the course
  • use of conference facilities
  • breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, fruit and sweet
  • participation diploma

If you are a team of 4-7, we can provide the course at your working space, working with your real-time, real-context challenge. For discounts and details contact us

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