Building Dialogues on Diversity: Design Your Success Story with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Learning to build shared understanding not documents is crucial for diverse teams. Great teams can and do learn to collaborate beyond cultural differences and backgrounds, leaving behind bias and assumptions.

Exponential development with higher levels of complexity results in diversity explosion – global companies, cross cultural contexts, multinational teams. Well-defined borders between habitual cultural territories are washed by the ocean and send us into the fog of uncertainty. We have to turn the need to learn here and now into our main skill. With cultural ocean, leaking into anything whatever solid, and eating whatever strategy for breakfast, the skill becomes essential for survival.

It helps with the awareness of the territories, streams and who is who in the boat, but what really matters in the ocean is the skill to collaborate – build shared understanding of the wave and commitment to row to pull it out together.

But how to turn a collection of individuals with different profiles, talents, opinions and thoughts into a crew in front of the unexpected – in no time, with the wave already approaching?

Thousands of pages and research hours have been devoted to the problem by SIETAR, Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research enthusiasts which will bring the best of the findings to the wider audience at SIETAR CONGRESS 2019.

We are proud to contribute to the #SEUCongress2019 May 27, 2019 in KU Leuven with Building Dialogues on Diversity: Design Your Success Story with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

We are to share what have proved to work in multiple contexts with diverse teams.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is a thinking, communication and decision-making technique for teams and individuals, based on 3-D LEGO® models. The reason to use if for diverse teams in cross cultural contexts is it’s power to communicate meanings, explore and accept values, share understanding and vision, learn and design. Taking the shortcut in real time and context is highly relevant for all participants and therefore engaging and inclusive. Using the technique in cross cultural contexts results in lowering cultural and communication barriers, prevents misunderstandings and conflicts, improves cultural sensitivity and collaboration skills, secures psychological safety and healthy group dynamics, which is essential for exploring values and global teams’ collaboration.

We shall learn, how serious play can be used for exploring cultural values’ and identity by doing it together – in real time and context. We shall also use LEGO® bricks to explore customer needs, learn the basics of design – to get your professional branding work, like elevator pitch and unique value preposition, finally done.

Anyone can do it! Check workshop program and JOIN US!

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