Experience the power of design thinking and learn the process hands-on way using LSP.

You learn to
  • develop your creative problem solving skills and working practices
  • turn creativity into business solutions
  • understand your customers’ needs and define your business challenge
  • develop creative ideas and insights into concepts,
  • test and validate ideas quickly and at minimum cost
  • develop prototypes within the big picture making solutions feasible
  • engage your team and stakeholders into design process.

Duration: 2 days


Who should join the course?

The course is for those looking for new solutions/products/ services.

Innovation could be your job, interest or daily inspiration within:

  • project management and business development
  • innovation, change, people development specialists
  • designing products and services.


How can I use the outcomes for my work?

Design thinking and LSP is a way to work – think, communicate and solve problems in a highly effective way. This way of work boost individual creativity, once in-born and disappearing in many of us with age, acquiring assumptions of the status-quo. Unlocking creativity back is a challenge – and a must of exponential development happening today.

Therefore it is not an artistic inspiration but an important investment into your future, your professional career , your business – the bridge translating the best of your creativity into a success story.

How does this course will influence the business?

Design Thinking is a human-oriented process, focusing on deep insights into human needs, feelings, experiences, making your business customer-centered at core. Translating these insights and developing ideas into concepts open new business opportunities. Testing the developed prototypes quickly and at low cost save your efforts, resources and time. Testing the solution within the big business and stakeholder picture adds value to the viability and feasibility of your product, service or solution before digging into implementation and marketing cost.

How do we work during the course?

The process we run together is highly visual and using 3D models from the very start to stimulate imagination, boost empathy by story-telling. Leveraging the best of your team, it keeps the work process safe for the team dynamics, secures inclusion and honest collaboration in the team, making your people feeling best – happy, secure, confident and loving what they are doing. Therefore learning the process is investment into human factor – your employees smiling and customers happy.

As the result
  • your team understand the value of the process and focus on implementing creative, highly effective working practices systematically
  • your design and development process becomes more effective, imbed lower costs, spares your resources
  • your business gets a huge competitive advantage based on innovative thinking competences at core and has more business opportunities and chances for growth and success.

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